STD codes in India

Indian STD code

How does STD code Locator works?

STD code locator is a tool to find out the STD code number of any city. While traveling, it is always good to know the STD code no. of the places you are going to visit. This facilitates getting any information at any time, especially the contact information for reservations and bookings. STD codes of Indian cities are listed over here for your convenience. Telephone STD codes have a pattern. A prefix of 0+STD code is required to dial from a landline phone in one STD code area to another. A prefix of 0+STD code is required to dial from a mobile phone in India to any landline number, irrespective of STD area. In some areas a “0” is replaced by “95” i.e. 95+STD code number+ phone number.

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What are STD codes?

STD stands for Subscriber Trunk Calling. STD codes are assigned to each city in India. These codes are used to make trunk calls without an operator for establishing inter connection for communication in the various states of country. Each district/city/village in India has its individual identification code to establish a telephone connection which is known as STD code. The total length of all phone numbers is 10 digits, and it consists of a 2-digit or 3-digit STD code and the phone number. provides you with the information of all the STD codes of India. These codes are bsnl STD codes i.e. they are assigned by BSNL.

Objective of STD codes

India is divided into many states and each state has numerous district, cities, villages etc. Establishing a connection for communication in various parts of the country can be challenging. In order to differentiate these numerous regions in India it is necessary to provide individual identification code like a Pin code to these regions. Also a bsnl STD codes' system connects each city with another by trunk calling. The subscriber trunk dialing is a system that allows subscribers to dial trunk call without operator assistance. Hence the objective of STD codes is that each area should have a unique STD number which could be dialed by subscriber in order to establish interconnection between two cities.

STD code search

STD code search can be a tedious process when going through some sort of dictionary. Here we have simplified your search and sort process. All you need to do is choose your state from the table alongside and choose the city from the drop down list. Or if you already know the STD code number, use the Search by STD code to find STD code details like which city it belongs to and also the state. This website facilitates to browse through all Indian STD code list.