Sikkim STD code

Sikkim Std code list

Std codes in Sikkim

STD Code: 04371
STD Code: 04292
City: Belur
STD Code: 03595
City: Bermik
STD Code: 04299
STD Code: 03592
STD Code: 03595
STD Code: 03595
City: Dentam
STD Code: 03592
City: Deorali
STD Code: 03592
City: Gangtok
STD Code: 03593
City: Gayzing
STD Code: 0431889
STD Code: 04285
STD Code: 03595
City: Kaluk
STD Code: 0431885
STD Code: 04254
STD Code: 04256
STD Code: 0428682
STD Code: 04332
STD Code: 03595
STD Code: 03595
City: Melli
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Sikkim STD code number

The table along-side provides all the valid Sikkim STD code numbers. It will save a lot of time and effort as you can narrow down your search by selecting the city of that state. You don’t have to surf the entire directory to find out the desired Sikkim STD code. Usually in a directory an alphabetical arrangement of STD codes of all cities is done and to go through such a huge list is difficult. So go through Sikkim STD code list to find out the desired STD code.

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STD Code of Sikkim

There are many districts, talukas and villages in Sikkim. Each region will be allotted its unique STD code no. Mostly people prefer a fixed landline number instead of mobile phones for commercial purpose. Many a times you need to make enquires of certain commercial commodities, in such a situation you may need the Sikkim STD code number along with the phone number to make a call. When we plan to visit a new place we make all the reservations before-hand. Now a days we just surf internet to find the contact information to make these reservations but many of them do not provide the STD code along with the contact info. Here you can find all the Sikkim STD code numbers. All the STD codes of Sikkim are provided for your convenience in the table alongside.

How to find STD code in Sikkim?

To find STD code in Sikkim, use the STD code finder presented by When you select Sikkim from the drop down box in the table alongside you will get STD code list of all the districts/talukas in the state. Further narrow down you search by selecting the desired city. This STD code locator tool will provide you with the Sikkim STD number you are searching for. If you know the STD code and want to find out to which city and state it belongs, use our search by STD code tool.

STD code details for Sikkim

Here are some STD code details for Sikkim STD codes. Metro cities have shorter STD codes i.e. 2- digit numbers. Tier-2 cities in India have 3 digit STD codes. A telephone number is of 10 digits, it consist of 2 or 3 digit STD code and the phone number. When we are dialing from a landline phone in one STD code area to another area, a prefix of “0” is added to STD code. When we are dialing from a mobile phone in India to any landline then also we need to add “0” before the STD code irrespective of the area. A code of four or more digits, other than those comprising a subscriber's local telephone number determines the routing of a call. If dialing from outside India, a prefix of “+91” is required with the STD no. to connect a call.