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Std code search for the city is now made easy. The table above facilitates you to enter the STD code number. When you already know the STD code number and you want to find out to which city it belongs, simply put the code number in the search box and hit the ‘search’ button. You will get to know the city and state of the respective STD number along with the corresponding cities which have the initial digits of this STD code no. Sometimes it so happens that the taluka or a village that comes under a particular district has same initial digits in its STD number. Find out the exact information with the help of STD code finder.

Tip for bsnl STD codes

• To dial from a land line phone in one area to another area a prefix of “0” is added to the STD number.
• When we are dialing from a mobile phone in India to any landline even then we need to add “0” before the STD code irrespective of the area.
• A code of four or more digits, other than those comprising a telephone number determines the routing of a call.
• If dialing from outside India, a prefix of “+91” is required with the STD no. to connect a call.